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It became clear that, while there was no majority for full joint adoption, allowing adoption of one's partner's child could gather majority support in Parliament. The Council of States , the upper house Senate of the federal Parliament, accepted the petition and the Legal Affairs Committee approved a motion from openly gay MP Claude Janiak SPS backing the right to full joint adoption regardless of marital status or sexual orientation. In November , the Committee voted unanimously in favour, including members of the conservative Swiss People's Party.

As the National Council refused it during the debate in September , the bill had to be voted again by the lower chamber, which did so on 13 December , as the National Council voted —64 [14] to grant same-sex couples the right to adopt biological or adopted children that their partner had before the start of their relationship. However, the motion giving full adoption rights approved by the Council of States was rejected by the National Council. In November , taking into account the parliamentary votes, the Federal Council approved allowing the adoption of one's partner's child, as part of a larger adoption reform.

In January , the Council of States Committee on Legal Affairs voted 7 to 3 with one abstention to approve the proposal to allow stepchild adoption by same-sex couples. Furthermore, it would apply to unmarried couples, whether same or different sex, and would also lower the minimum age to adopt from 35 to If enough signatures are gathered, a referendum will take place otherwise the bill will become law.

Following the final vote in Parliament, a referendum committee was established including members of several different political parties with the aim of forcing a referendum on the bill.

No major party supported the committee. On 14 March , the National Council approved a bill granting facilitated naturalization which is seen as an easy route to acquire Swiss citizenship to couples in registered partnerships. Currently, a foreigner married to a Swiss is eligible for Swiss citizenship within three years of marriage and five years of residency in the country, although this option is not available to couples in registered partnerships. At the end of August , the Federal Court decided that long-term same-sex partners were entitled to the same vested benefits from the pension of the deceased as equivalent opposite-sex partners have.

A shared apartment is not necessary. Some Swiss Reformed Churches allow the blessing of same-sex registered partnerships. From November to July , only 8 same-sex partnerships were blessed in the Vaud Reformed Church.

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The first same-sex partnership was registered on 2 January in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino. From to , 9, same-sex partnerships were registered in Switzerland. Certain Swiss cantonal constitutions recognise and guarantee the right to cohabit and to found a family outside of marriage for both different-sex and same-sex couples; these include among others the constitutions of Vaud , [46] Zürich , [47] Appenzell Ausserrhoden , [48] Basel-Stadt , [49] Bern , [50] Geneva , [51] Zug , [52] Schaffhausen , [53] and Fribourg.

The canton of Geneva has had a partnership law on a cantonal level since It grants unmarried couples , whether same-sex or opposite-sex, many rights, responsibilities and protections that married couples have.

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However, it does not allow benefits in taxation, social security, or health insurance premiums unlike the federal law. The origin of the law lies in the French civil solidarity pact law. In autumn , the Department of Public Instruction of the Canton of Geneva innovated new forms in schools allowing same-sex parents to be fully recognized.

Previously, same-sex parents could not be inscribed properly as only a mother and a father could be listed. The new forms include two boxes entitled "parent" and no longer one "father" and another "mother".

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On 22 September , the canton of Zürich passed a same-sex partnership law by referendum In July , the canton of Neuchâtel passed, in a 65—38 vote, a law recognizing unmarried couples. Registered partnerships for same-sex couples are included in the Constitution of the canton of Fribourg. On 6 June , the Cantonal Council of Zürich voted by —52 to reject a proposal to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman in the Constitution of Zürich.

The proposal, put forward by the Federal Democratic Union EDU the party which initially began collecting signatures to force a referendum on the registered partnership law in , sought to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage in the canton, as a means to counter the marriage initiative. The EDU then gathered 6, signatures to force a cantonal referendum on the issue.

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The referendum took place on 27 November , where the proposal was overwhelmingly rejected. In , Parliament requested that the executive Swiss Federal Council examine how to update family law to reflect changes in society. In April , the women's wing of the Liberals voted by 56 votes to 2 to support same-sex marriage. A proposal to strike the party's opposition to same-sex marriage was rejected by the delegates with a vote of to In December , the Green Liberal Party submitted a parliamentary initiative for a constitutional amendment, with the aim of legalising same-sex marriage.

On 20 February , the Committee for Legal Affairs of the National Council voted to proceed with the initiative, by 12 votes to 9, with 1 abstention. The signatures collected were submitted to the Committee for Legal Affairs of the Council of States before they discussed the bill, hoping to persuade them to support it. The National Council's Legal Affairs Committee was then tasked to draft an act within two years per Article of the Constitution , i.

However, due to the complexity of the legal reform, the National Council's Legal Affairs Committee proposed on 11 May to extend the initiative's deadline by another two years i. On 16 June , the National Council voted by in favour of the committee's proposal to continue with the initiative. The Legal Affairs Committee of the National Council met on 17 May , the International Day Against Homophobia , to discuss the legal ramifications of legalising same-sex marriage, such as the necessary amendments to other laws, and to begin drafting a marriage law.

Zivilgesetzbuch be amended to remove the heterosexual definition of marriage and that a gender-neutral definition be inserted.

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It also recommended amendments to the civil registration law German: Zivilstandsverordnung , which defines marriage as being between a man and a woman. Other laws, including laws relating to naturalisation, would also be amended alongside the initiative. Additionally, according to the Committee and the Justice Ministry, the initiative will automatically legalise joint adoption for married same-sex couples.